Natasha Kandov
 Lives and works in Tel- Aviv


2014-2018/B.F.A.,photography department, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem
2017 Summer studio Foreign Land, master class by Dr. Arch. Erez Golani Solomon, Tokyo, Japan


2018 / “Over exposure”, group exhibition, Curate by Naama Kleiman Beit Kandinof, Jaffa.
2018/  “Teder Print Fair”, group exhibition, Curated by Michael Liani, Beit Romano, Tel-Aviv.
2018 “First Light #2”, group exhibition, Curated by Hagit Peleg Rotem and Yuval Saar, Old 
Jaffa street gallery, Jaffa.
2018/  “White Elephant”, Photography Department Graduates Exhibition,Curated by Rami
Maymon and Yael Efrati, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.
2018/  “Show Real”, group exhibition (Curating), The Photography Department gallery,
Bezalel (guided by Maayan Shelef), Jerusalem.
2018/  “XL-XS Travelogues and Manifestos”, group exhibition, Curated by Erez Golani
Salomon and David Adika, The Photography Department Gallery, Bezalel Academy of
Arts and Design, Jerusalem.
2017/  “Island”, group exhibition, La Culture+A5 Magazine, Mazeh 9 gallery, Tel Aviv.
2017/  “Fin”, Group exhibition, La Culture, Curated by David Pearl and Itay Blaish, Mazeh 9
gallery, Tel Aviv.
2016/  “points of view”, group exhibition, magistrates court, Russian compound, Jerusalem.

member of “hasalon5” artist collective.